Thomas Kinkade Fly To Neverland – Peter Pan Canvas Poster

38,99 incl. BTW

Adembenemende canvas poster! Haal hem nu in huis en voel de magie in de kamer vloeien!

“So, those Canvas prints are great! however, to unleash their true power, frame them and put a small cold (led) lightning source on their back side (or more than one source of light) but not too close to the canvas. the canvas itself is somewhat transparent at different levels depending on color. the light source will have an unexpected effect… the image will suddenly jump out of the frame and the scene comes to life with 3D vivid live colors. now they are not just great, they are awesome! a MUST buy for any room with kids. I already bought 6 of them and my kids eyes are glowing with wonder every time i switch the led lights on.” – Noam G.

60 x 90 cm


Frame niet inbegrepen


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